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we empower amputees

We offer a monthly support group for amputees, their loved ones and other people who have been affected by limb difference. Our goal is to not only provide emotional support for members of the group but also to offer new amputees practical advice to help them during their transition, including educating them about finding and choosing resources. But most of all, our goal is to empower amputees to become their own advocates.

our mission

Regardless of whether its from diabetes, vascular issues, cancer, motorcycle accidents, or any number of ways, at some point we all awakened in a hospital bed as a new amputee, wondering what’s next. Whether it was a concious decision that you came to with a doctor, or from an emergency surgery, on all of our timelines, that point is the same. We are now minus a limb, and have much to learn about the ways that change will impact our lives.

It is the mission of the SWAAMP Foundation to assist and empower new amputees. One of the most beneficial services we provide is bedside peer visits. We pair Amputee Coalition-certified peer visitors with new amputees, striving to match their age, gender, and level of amputation. This enables a new amputee to see and talk to someone whose journey may be similar to their own, which it can be a very powerful motivator for a new amputee.

Peer visitors can provide some answers to the many questions that run through a new amputee’s mind as they wait for the next step in the process. Peer visits can be performed at hospital bedside, in-home, or in any other environment that is most comfortable for the new amputee.

SWAAMP Foundation peer visitors provide new amputees with a welcome packet from the Amputee Coalition, which contains the “First Steps” publication, a valuable resource which literally outlines the first steps you would take in your journey to return to some semblance of the life you had before your limb loss.

We also host educational events and social activities for the amputee community.

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